Providing Windsor-Essex County with State-of-the-Art Preventative Care

The Windsor Cardiac Centre is led by Board Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Wadea Tarhuni, MD (Hon.). Since opening in 2004, our Cardiac Centre has cared for over 100,000 patients across the Windsor-Essex county community. 

Windsor Cardiac Centre is committed to helping patients improve their heart health and wellbeing through the delivery of personalized and professional cardiac care. Devoted to making services accessible to all, our centre employs a highly qualified, diverse, staff with the ability to speak and care for patients in over 9 languages.

We conduct a range of testing and diagnostic screening services using state-of-the-art technologies including: Wireless Heart Monitoring, Echocardiogram, ECG, Stress Echocardiogram, 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitoring and Ankle Brachial Index Testing. Our centre provides same day care as a standard approach in effort to reduce patient anxiety and improve health outcomes.

At Windsor Cardiac Centre, our patients are the number one priority. 

Our Vision

To become a national and global model of excellence in outpatient cardiovascular risk management through accreditation, education and innovation.

Our Mission

To provide timely, comprehensive, competent, cost-effective cardiac care.


Our Core Values: The C.A.R.E A.C.T


.CARE. Comprehensive and compassionate patient-centered cardaic care.

.ACCREDITATION. The first outpatient accredited facility in Canada for Echocardiography and Stress Echo.

.RESPONSIBILITY. Committed to achieving healthcare sustainability through prevention, evidence-based and cost effective treatment and patient advocacy.

.EXCELLENCE. Quality management and performance consistency for uncompromised excellence in cardiac care.

.ACCESS. Improved patient access to cardiac care through reduced waiting time and accurate diagnosis.

.COMPETENCY. Adherence to Canadian guidelines in competency-based cardiac care.

.TECHNOLOGY. Innovation leadership in the usage of the most advanced cardiac technologies for patient cardiac care.


Windsor Cardiac Centre adheres to the Canadian Heart Health Strategy and embraces Health Canada and Ontario Ministry of Health principles, vision and mission.

Windsor Cardiac Centre advocates patients’ right to professional, cost-effective, accessible and comprehensive quality cardiac care.