Wireless Loop Monitor

What is a Wireless Loop Monitor

Unlike a loop monitor that gets issued to a patient to monitor his/her heart over a set period of time and then get the recordings get analyzed after the device is returned to the monitoring facility, a wireless loop monitor records and transmits a patient’s ECG in real-time while it’s being worn by the patient to the Windsor Cardiac Centre where it is analyzed by a team of doctors and cardiac technicians to be acted upon immediately. The doctor(s) will thoroughly review the recordings in case a threatening situation is imminent.

How it is Done

The Cardiophone is a digital wireless device that combines cardiac monitoring and cell phone technologies in one unit. It records a patient’s EKG and transmits it in real-time to the Windsor Cardiac Centre. The Cardiophone recordings and transmissions occur without the intervention of the patient using its remote wireless cardiac monitoring technology. Through early diagnosis of potential cardiovascular risks and abnormalities the device will be revolutionizing cardiac care. Combining the cutting edge features of the Cardiophone into a single device for enhanced patient convenience, comfort and user friendliness are crucial for Windsor Cardiac Centre’s push for improving the quality of cardiovascular care.

View the video about the wireless loop monitor